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A Gallery of 33 Items - Post Construction; West-side Wall Integrity 1915
<<<The Turners Falls Power Canal extension and expansion is complete. The Turners Falls Company will document-photographically-the wall integrity of the construction process.>>>--<<<The company employs an unknown photographer for this purpose . . . it may have been an internal function.>>>--<<<The westside wall in this collection begins at the gatehouse area and terminates at Cabot station at Montague City.>>>
September 29, 1915. This article appears in the Turners Falls Reporter newspaper: Fixing Up the New Canal. As many old experienced engineers predicted, men who believe with Bret Harte’s mining engineer that “theory and practice don’t always go,” the completed canal was one of those theories that would not work out in practice, and as a result the admitted water commenced to play havoc with the work, and it is considered extremely fortunate that the weakness manifested itself so quickly, as no one could foresee the future possibilities for alarming developments had the riprapping held until the coffer dam was removed. It might have meant an expensive shut down for the mills on the stream for a period longer than the industries could well stand. The Holbrook, Cabot & Rollins Co. had finished their contract according to specifications, and were about to take away their work material and heavy equipment, when the slides came, and the company were recalled to mend matters on lines suggested by former experiences in hydraulic engineering practice. All the riprapping material will be taken out, and methods for retaining water will be followed that have proved sound under like circumstances in other such engineering works. The new work will extend over a period of many months, and will be as thorough a character as the wisdom of experience may dictate.