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February 25 2018
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(photo ca. 1939); "Mr. Griswold was led to the selection of Turners Falls or some other similar water supply from the frequency of the giving way of dams and reservoirs on our smaller streams. He does not believe any dam or reservoir can be made absolutely safe, and says a man has a right to place his factory where their breaking away can destroy it, but has no right to plant a dwelling in the path of a flood and thus peril human life; and there are but a few of our towns on these smaller streams where dwellings can be placed out of the reach of floods, while in such places as Turners Falls they are beyond the reach of fall such calamities. Mr. Griswold expresses great regret that he did not locate at Turners Falls on the completion of the dam, as he is certain he should have been vastly better off, pecuniarily, if he had done so."
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