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An early view of the Farren House.
An early view of the Farren House, possibly 1872. The first mills at the new industrial community of Turners Falls, Montague Massachusetts also needed support for it's new population and visitors. The developers of this new industrial community, the Turners Falls Company, donated land above the John Russell Cutlery to the newly formed "Farren Hotel Company" (head by Bernard N. Farren, Esquire). The building was constructed for about $50,000. The original officers of the company were president, N. B. Farren; clerk and treasurer, Wendell T. Davis; directors, B. N. Farren, Alvah Crocker, R. L. Goss, R. B. Campbell.
The original ownership continued until July, 1891, when the building was closed for a time and recently re-opened by C. D. Whittaker & Son of Hinsdale, N. H. The new management began selling alcoholic beverages which offended the devout Catholic Farren, who eventually refused to have his name associated with an establishment which sold liquor. The hotel's name was then changed to the 'Grand Trunk' Hotel.
In addition to the 40 room hotel, the ground floor included a restaurant, store and the first branch of the Crocker National Bank