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A Gallery of 29 Items - Machine Shop (3 of 3)
Chauncey Wings Sons Inc. was founded in 1896. The location is 78 Pierce St. in Greenfield. MA. Makers of the famous "Wing Mailer". <<<-->>>Since its invention in the 1880’s, the hand-operated original Wing Mailer has been the mainstay of newspaper mailrooms, the tried-and-true workhorse that can be used on its own or as a back-up for automated machinery in case of a power failure. Many of these Mailers have been in constant use for decades, with only an occasional replacement part or overhaul. Using our economical plain paper one-up continuous feed labels, the Mailer applies adhesive to the label as it feeds through the machine and then cuts it and applies it to the mailing piece, in one smooth motion.<<<-->>>Source: