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A Gallery of 30 Items - 1 of 3 Demolition Views
<<<Yankee Rowe Nuclear Power Station (decommissioned) was a nuclear power plant in Rowe, Massachusetts, that operated from 1960 to 1992. The 185-megawatt electric pressurized-water plant, located on the Deerfield River in the town of Rowe in western Massachusetts, right on the border of Readsboro, Vermont, permanently shut down on February 26, 1992, after more than 31 years of producing electricity for New England electric consumers.>>><<<During the decommissioning efforts the site was referred to as "Yankee-Rowe" or simply "Rowe", to avoid confusion with Vermont Yankee, another nuclear power station located in nearby Vernon, Vermont.<<<Source: Wikipedia
>>>Yankee Rowe was shut down prematurely due to reactor pressure vessel embrittlement concerns. This safety factor is now scrutinized in all plants. In 2007, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission declared the decommissioning of Yankee Rowe complete. In total, the cost for decommissioning the plant was $508 million, up from an initial estimate of $368 million.<<< >>>While most of the grounds were released as safe, a cask storage facility remained under NRC supervision. 533 spent fuel assemblies weighing approximately 800 lb (360 kg) each are still on-site. They are contained in dry casks made of 21 inches of reinforced concrete, surrounding a 3+1⁄2-inch-thick steel liner, with each cask weighing 100 tons. The sixteen casks sit on a 3-foot-thick concrete pad. These will be located at the site until the U.S. Department of Energy completes a permanent storage facility for spent nuclear reactor fuel and the spent fuel stored at Rowe can be transferred to such a future federal facility. The time frame for removal of spent fuel from the Yankee Rowe site is unknown.<<<
Images are cuts from the Waterman Studio film "Yankee is Rockin'" 2004