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Street scene, Greenfield MA with Oldsmobile - As a single Item.
The bearded man is Hiram Clarence Eddy (23 June 1851 - 10 January 1937). He was a United States organist and composer. He was born in Greenfield, Massachusetts. He studied under Dudley Buck in Hartford, Connecticut, counterpoint under Carl August Haupt, and piano under Carl Albert Loeschhorn in Berlin. In 1874-76 he was organist of the First Congregational Church, Chicago; afterward organist and choirmaster of the First Presbyterian Church for 17 years and from 1875 to 1908 was director of the Hershey School of Musical Art. In 1877-79 he gave a series of 100 organ recitals, with entirely different programs, a memorable achievement in American musical annals. He played at several expositions in America and abroad, and gave recitals in the principal American and European cities. He composed several works for the organ, including one method book for instruction. (from Wikipedia
This appears to be a 1910 Oldsmobile, parked at 393 Main St. Greenfield MA. The street floor was retail space and the upper stories was a Masonic Lodge.This location was opposite the Mansion House and it's reflection may be seen in the store window. The Vermont license plate on the radiator may be from 1911.
automobile, Clarence Eddy