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A Gallery of 31 Items - 1987, 1988, 1996
>>>The date of each item is in the File Name, i.e., 1eg87epm.jpg<<< -- >>>the number in the name (87) is the year of the image . . . 1987.
In 1905, an experienced paper maker named Charles Elmer Pope launched the C. Elmer Pope Paper Company in Holyoke, MA. In 1908, Creighton W. Whiting purchased the company, relocated it to Erving, MA and renamed it, Erving Mills. Construction of the new mill building was completed in 1910 and the company started up with a single 30-inch wide paper machine. In 1916, Erving Mills was sold to a group of investors and renamed Erving Paper Mills. In 1927, Morris Housen, then an employee of the Holyoke Savings Bank, was asked by the bank to take a leadership role. Soon thereafter, Housen along with his brother David acquired the mill. Eventually renamed, Erving Industries, Inc. (dba Erving Paper Mills), the Housen family continues to own the mill today. During its lifetime, Erving Paper Mills has survived multiple changes in ownership; continued into its third generation of family ownership; witnessed two world wars, the Great Depression, and other severe economic downturns; endured two significant Millers River floods; and adapted to and survived expensive New England electricity costs and heavy domestic and international competition. We attribute our success to competent teamwork, Yankee ingenuity, personalized customer service and an “all hands” commitment to 24/7 full-time machine up-time. Erving Industries, Inc. manufactures tissue and towel grade parent rolls for a broad range of converting needs. Source: