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A Gallery of 22 Items - Rake products 1978
Amos Rugg started the company in 1842, by making wooden hay rakes out of a factory in Montague (village). After a fire burned the factory down in 1889, the factory was relocated to 105 Newton St., Greenfield, MA, where it has been ever since. The first snow shovels were made there during the slow winter months of 1879. The factory was converted during World War II from making rakes and shovels to carbine magazines and battleship supplies. The wartime search for lightweight materials also led to the development of a new, lightweight line of snow shovels — made with aluminum blades. Rugg also manufactured Hickory shafts for golf clubs during the 19-teens and early twenties. New Fitchburg, MA ownership has been in place since October of 2013, and investments have been made in infrastructure to assure continued growth. The product lines now exceed 100 snow and lawn & garden tools. Source: Recorder and Internet.