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Lake Pleasant enjoyed its developmental period in the late 19th century as a resort community. Conveniently accessible via a major railroad that runs north-south along the lake’s east bank made it a hassle-free access to the resort. It was the site of various conventions and immense 4th of July celebrations. It’s perhaps best known as the meeting place for the New England Association of Spiritualists. Lake Pleasant is the oldest continuously existing Spiritualist center in the United States. A century ago, it was also the largest Spiritualist gathering place in the country.
During the 1920s big-name Hollywood stars vacationed at the “Lake.” Barbara Stanwyk, Edward G. Robinson, and Mickey Rooney have been mentioned.
Village life is a tightly knit group of cottages located on the east and west sides of the Lake which also is part of the Town of Montague’s water supply (3700 surface acres). Originally named “Pleasant Lake”, the village is renamed as railroad maps pointed to the area as “Lake Pleasant.”