Colle Opera House, Turners Falls, MA

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Colle Opera House - Turners Falls, MA; 2 histories in pdf format
*** Be Sure to read the PDF histories included here to the left under 'files'! The Colle Opera House is located on the north east corner of Avenue "A" and 3rd Street. From the 1920s to the 1960s the Shea Theater showed is movies here. During the 1980s, the Renaissance Community (Commune) owned the building and used it as a venue for their band, "Spirit in Flesh". Presently, in 2020, the Shea Theater returns as a community Performing Arts Center.
The Montague Historical Society has received from Dr. Royal D. Colle (Cornell University, Communication Department, Emeritus) his historical account of the Colle Opera House and its place in Turners Falls history . . . "The Beginnings . . .The COLLE OPERA HOUSE and the SHEA THEATER". Dr. Colle visited Turners Falls in 2012 to partake in the rededication of the Shea Theater. Dr. Colle's work at Cornell was in the fields of Communication Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, and International Social Work. The E-Book is available here for your perusal.
Colle, Opera House, Turners Falls, MA