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A Gallery of 25 items - Gen. Pierce Bridge Erection & Before
>>>The date of the item is in the File Name, i.e., 1eg08mccb.jpg<<< -- >>>the number in the name (08) is the year of the image . . . 1908.>>>Other dates 1910, 12, 32, 34, 36, 46, 47, 49, 50, 93, 2020
The Montague City covered bridge (1808, et. al.) was carried away via the 1936 flood. A vital link between Greenfield and the Town of Montague had vanished. Political discourse delayed construction of a modern iron span until 1946 when the General Frederick E. Pierce (1862-1953) Bridge was conceived and completed in 1947. We cross it in 2022.
The "City" by population is the fourth largest village the Town of Montague. It's settled in 1792 and is the home of the former Farren Memorial Hospital, and the Montague Rod Shop.