John Keith Letters

Keith Paper Company was the third mill to be built on the post Civil War power canal, in Turners Falls MA

This collection is the outgoing personal and business correspondence of the company's president, John Keith. These are wet sponged duplicates created by placing the newly inked letter behind a page in a bound "onion skin" paper book and sponging some of the ink up and into the onion skin sheet. This gave Keith a reference duplicate of his outgoing letters before mailing it out to the recipient. Unfortunately, it is only one side of the conversation.
This archive covers the years between 1875 until Keith's death in 1886

For easy reading, first download and read the three compiled PDF volumes

. Detailed images of each page may be further examined by then searching the database for individual page numbers
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Special thanks to Ed Gregory for his comprehensive transcriptions of these difficult images and for the added comments and context to the history he discovered.


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