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Greenfield May 24, 81 [1881] -- My dear Cousin, -- Mrs Brown, -- My excuse for not answering your latter more promptly is absence from home. -- I am not acquainted with Mr. Canning but a gentleman who lives in the same town with him and who has known him from boyhood speaks in the highest terms of him as an honorable and high minded man. -- He has one son and two daughters all of them more than twenty years old He has a farm in the center of the town and is said to be worth about five thousand dollars. He is --  ; -- Mr. Canning was the Rev. Josiah W. Canning (Hist. of Gill 1793-1943 Vol. 1 Stoughton Pp 160). J.W. Canning was the father of Josiah D. Canning the “Peasant Bard” of Gill.             -- e.g. --