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A Gallery of 12 Items -- Red Sox pitcher from Millers Falls, MA
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Douglas "Dug" Smith was a Millers Falls resident who was exceptionally gifted as a baseball pitcher. He pitched for Turners Falls High School and later local and semi-professional leagues. His talent led him to the big leagues with the Boston Red Sox.
Dave Brule, (nephew of Smith) Susan Brule-Bellmare, Artist Marco Correia and Millers Falls resident Tom Gessing were in attendance for the "Dug" Smith dedication.
Douglass "Dug" Smith from Millers Falls, MA was a baseball pitcher of extraordinary talent. He pitched successfully for Turners Falls High School and was later signed to the Boston Red Sox. A wonderful seven-page article about him appears in the book "Opening Fenway Park with Style: The World champion 1912 Red Sox." by Bill Nowlin. During July of 2017 Artist Marco Corriea rendered a neat mural of "Dug" Smith on the stone abutment of the B&M RR bridge located on Franklin Street in Millers Falls, MA. Corriea captured the spirit of a local man who made it from the high school baseball ranks to the Boston "big league." A fitting tribute to Smith to be sure.