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[this original letter was pasted in the book after page 281] -- -- -- Webster Jan y 28 82 [1882] -- Dear Bro. -- Your kind letter of 27 to hand. You speak of help temporarily and I would say that if I could have 2 notes by Feb. 1 one for 30 days and one for 60 days for $500 each I think I would bring matters so I could take care of them easily and help me through a little close place. -- Say, if you could send notes of that amount endorsed by you written payable at 1st Nat Bank Webster I could sign them and have them discounted here were it not that have full confidence that I would be able to attend to them would not ask you. I do not wish to get [?] the way using notes as they might be awkward. -- I thought perhaps that would be the best way to have it done as the bank never would do it as cheaply so any and you would not have to broker any explanation. -- Yours aff W.J. Shumway --