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November 5th , 1886 -- J. Crane Jr. & Bros. -- Gentlemen, -- Yours of the 27th was duly received. -- The instructions I gave you in regard to charging your magnets I had from the electrician of the [Mother] Co. that is, to place one pole of the magnets no matter which provided you use them all alike against base of your machine while running for an instant and then withdrawing it, [until] your magnet is charged. -- I must say however that I have tried this method on other dynamos with indifferent success as the magnetism is apt to be lost in the act of pulling away the magnet. -- A much better way is to have an electro magnet connected with the wire, the same as a [lamp] is connected with a switch so that the current may be thrown on or off then apply the poles of magnet to be charged to the poles of the electro magnet, throw on the current for an instant then switch it off before running the magnet and the charge will remain. The electro magnet we use has we procured from Chas Williams Jr 109 [Lourd] st Boston in Oct. 82 but we think the party who made your dynamo can furnish you with a magnet price of [?] should be attached to the poles to bring them together ¼ in of each other. You can put apply both poles of the magnets to the charge to both the opposite poles of the electro magnet. -- Cost 54 cts apiece, perhaps less. -- Yours Truly C.M. Burnett --