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Nov 12 79 [1879] -- Friend Bentley, -- I [am aware] you know by your engineer who has been here recently that the New Haven and Northampton Road is being extended to this place. -- This arrangement are nearly completed. They intend to have their terminal on the spot where you have selected for the N & N -- The piece of land is owned by Goddard. They have asked him for a price and I have --  ; -- [Goddard would be E.L. Goddard of T.F.. Extract from the T.F. Reporter Nov. 19, 1879: “The New Haven and Northampton Railroad Company have advertised for proposals for the building of the extension of their road from Northampton to Turners Falls. The company have been trying to negotiate with E.L. Goddard for the purchase of the land lying along the river between L Street and the bridge, but the price asked was considered altogether too high to be entertained.” -- e.g. -- ]