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April 14 5 [1875] -- Bradner Smith & Co -- Gntlemen -- When Mr. Davenport sent the order he wrote us it was a conditional order that it optional with us -- to accept it or reject it hence our letter to you. He will be home in about a week and can answer you then. If it was a bona fide order we shall fill it although it conflicts with instructions and rules. -- Yours &c  John Keith Prest. --  ; -- -- The firm of Bradner Smith & Co., manufacturers and dealers in paper, was established in 1853 at No. 12 LaSalle Street in a 20 by 60 feet (6.1 m × 18.3 m) store. It became one of the largest paper firms in the world, doing a business of US $2,000,000 a year. The firm had three establishments in the city of Chicago, branch houses at Kansas City, Missouri,Minneapolis, Minnesota, andSaint Paul, Minnesota. It operated six paper mills, manufacturing and selling every sort and size of news, book, wrapping, writing, blotting, and other papers, card board, envelopes, twines, wood pulp, and paper manufacturers' supplies.