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the mill affords, though the fire unfortunately broke our assortment pretty bad. -- The mill is nearly finished and I hope to start it in four weeks. -- Kind regards to Mrs. & Miss Bentley if they have ventured so far north. -- Yours Truly -- John Keith --  ; -- -- (EDITORS NOTE) -- From the Turners Falls Reporter: -- April 24, 1878 -- THE NEW KEITH MILL -- The Model Fine Paper Mill of the World Again in Operation. -- ​The Keith Paper Co., having decided to rebuild, President Keith made his plans for the new structure, following the style of the old mill in so far as it was expedient, making such changes as four years' experience suggested. Campbell & Hazelton were given the charge of the brick work and Wm. R. Farnsworth the wood work, and affairs were rapidly pushed under the general surveillance of Mr. Keith, the intention being at first to build and finish one half of the mill so that it could run with half its former capacity, and subsequently complete the work. But the good weather and other things conspiring to help matters along, the complete mill took the place of the first project in a surprisingly short time.