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October 24th 1885 -- Hon. Byron Weston -- Dear Sir, -- I send you to day by freight a box containing a set of magnets for your machine. I have made a trough and set them in it showing how they should be placed. -- Not knowing the scale size of your sand box I shall leave it to you to fit it in. It may be placed at either end of the sand box as is most convenient or if your machine is so arranged as to make it possible the stack may be run through the trough before entering the sand box so that you may have the full benefit of that and you may discard the trough. I send you altogether and narrow defined sand box and hang the magnets directly over the riffles provided the stack does not run more than 1½ & 2 in deep on the top of the riffles. This idea being to oblige every particle of the diluent pulp to pass within the [range] of attraction of the ends of poles of the magnets consequently they may not hang down into the stock more than an inch or an inch & one half. -- The magnets require washing at least four times at 3 and 9 morning and evening is a good time to do it. It is easily done by taking out the three first sets laying them on the floor and washing them off thoroughly with the hose you use for washing the machine, then replace and take out the balance and wash, always leave part of them in when the machine is running. It would be well for your foreman to see that the washing is properly attended to as it is essential. As the magnetism gradually runs out of that magnet it is necessary to recharge once a month. This is easily done in an hours time with a battery but for the present I will do it here and will send you in about a month a new set of magnets which you can exchange for these and return them to me. -- Magnets are injured by heat therefore they should not be placed on steam pipes or over the [?] or even in the hot sun as their strength is thereby reduced. -- If you need any further information please let me know and I will furnish it. -- Yours Truly -- C.M. Burnett -- -- [Charles M. Burnett begins as bookkeeper in the fall of 1872; was elected Clerk of the Keith Paper Co. in 1882. On November 1886 Burnett was made Treasurer of K.P.Co. June 1, 1887 Burnett is made a Director of K.P. Co. May of 1889 Burnett is now Clerk-Treasurer and is now involved with major decision and policy-making for the company. He now travels the country representing the K.P. Co. September, 1908 Burnett retires from the firm. -- e.g. -- ] -- -- -- --