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October 2 -- nd, -- 1885 -- Mr. Williams, -- Supt. Holyoke Paper Co. -- Dear Sir, -- I have arranged with Mr. S.P. Winchester Supt. of the Electric Light Co. to recharge your magnets and he will well be ready for them Monday. It will be necessary for you to leave them over night as he is there only during the evening and night. The price for doing the work has been fixed but I think it will be quite reasonable if it is quickly done. I send you by express to day a box containing 82 magnets which with what you have on hand give you a full set and enough for two [bars] over for each machine also 42 more and I wish when you take change them you would pick out 42 of the hardest looking ones and return them to me as I wish to clean them up and use them elsewhere. -- If you divide these fresh magnets between your machines you can take all the old ones off and send them to be recharged excepting the 42 I wish you to send to me. -- Yours Truly -- C. M. Burnett --