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Sept. 15th ​, 1885 -- J. Crane Jr. & Bro. -- Gentlemen, -- I sent you yesterday via Westfield the trough with magnets &c for your machine. I think if you fasten blocks on the bottom at the corners like [legs] to a table it will be the best way of supporting it and it and it can be easily removed, ¼ in fall I think will be enough. You can cut off six inches from the lower end of the trough if you like. I had it made longer thinking you [might] wish to adjust up the end and cut a hole in the bottom. -- I am not sure that the upper end is arranged to [allow] you perhaps to [?] much better to let the slide [drag] to the bottom and have the [stack] run over like a [dam] in that case if the magnets are clogged with filth [?] I found placed in front of the [lower] set reaching just above the surface. Please see that they are washed at least once in the time while in use. I will send you a new set and exchange for these in the course of a month. -- Yours Truly C.M. Burnett --