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May 31, 5 (1875) -- A Pagenstecher -- Dir Sir, -- I find a note endorsed by you and discounted at Crocker Nat Bank matures June 5th . I shall not get the money in that the stockholders voted, in time to retire that note so send you another for endorsement, which if you will do and return by mail you will greatly oblige -- Yours Respectfully, -- John Keith Prest --  ; -- In 1866, Albrecht Pagenstecher, a German immigrant living in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, together with his brother Rudolf, bought two German-made Keller-Voelter grinders. On March 5, 1867, in nearby Curtisville, Pagenstecher was the first in the United States to manufacture commercially viable wood pulp. He sold the pulp to the Smith Paper Company which immediately produced commercial newsprint. However, Pagenstecher initially made his pulp out of aspen or "popple"; however, he soon exhausted his supply of this tree and was forced to substitute with less friable softwoods, with the result that the New York World cancelled its contract for newsprint.