John Keith Letters page 344
dc.descriptionGreenfield Aug. 27, 83 [1883] -- Woodward & Brown -- Gentlemen, -- I have a piano of your make that was damaged a few days ago by a water pipe opening leak in the room above it. I have had J.H. Lamb send it to you by freight by Fitchburg RR -- I wish to have it put in order and returned as soon as possible. -- When you return it send it care of JH Lamb Greenfield and send -- -- -- Joseph H. Lamb died February 5, 1918, at the age of 87 years. He was a native of Vernon,Vt., son of Mason Lamb. As a young man he came to Greenfield and found employment in the John Russell Cutlery Company. Later he successfully conducted a grocery and restaurant business. In 1866 he engaged in the music business, continuing in that until his retirement. He was one of the oldest merchants in town, having been for over half a century actively engaged in business enterprises. For forty years he conducted "Lamb's Music Store" on Bank Row, adjacent to the Gazette and Courier Office, the site of which store is now included in the First National Bank and Trust Company building. He then removed to his own building on Federal street. He helped to manage, and played in many bands and orchestras in former years and was a finished player of many instruments. By his honesty and fair dealing he built up an extensive trade and was most successful in his business career. -- e.g. -- History of Greenfield 1900-1929 p1612 ⁋2] --  
dc.titleJohn Keith Letters page 344
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