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gets back the last of July. -- I shall keep the string out for you to pull all the same when you make your proposed [visit] in search of “Bird Tracks.” -- Your remark about the severity of countenance of my Phot -- o -- is a correct criticism. -- I did not like it. I have a benevolent reputation here abouts and tried to impart it to my shadow. I did not succeed. It has quite the opposite indeed. -- Yours Truly -- John Keith --  ; -- “Bird Tracks”: Edward Hitchcock (1793-1864) of Amherst College studies the discovery of strange tridactylous tracks in the sandstone deposits of the Barton Cove area in Gill, MA, and other sites along the Connecticut River at Gill and Turners Falls, MA.  Hitchcock’s 30 year study and scientific delineation of the available information led to the taxon for the tracks that remains valid today. He died not knowing the tracks were made by dinosaurs.