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Sept. 10th 1885 -- Holyoke Paper Co. -- Gentlemen, -- Yours of the 9th is at hand also the box of magnets. These magnets I had plated with zinc by a new process that possessed some advantages over the old way, but I noticed that the last time I was in Holyoke that the process was a failure and resolved to change them at the first opportunity. Those I sent you last were all (with the exception of a few in the corner under the paper coated by the same process that was used for the Keith paper Co. three years ago and have given no trouble since and I am confident that these last ones will not trouble by rusting for a long time. Changing them will not injure them in the least, although I think it will be hardly necessary. -- I expect to be in Holyoke in the course of two weeks to make arrangements for remagnetizing them. -- Yours Truly -- C.M. Burnett -- --