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  • Business endeavors in various Franklin County, MA towns are shown via descriptive photographs..
  • Unpublished private area preparing B.N. Farren history
  • The Farren Memorial Hospital was built by Bernard Farren as a memorial to his 18-year-old son, B. (Frank) Farren who died in his late teens. It's also a gift for the benefit of the village of Montague City in the Town of Montague . . . which likewise benefits from B.N. Farren's bestowal. The hospital was dedicated on October 23, 1900. Farren was a noted construction engineer and contributing founder of the Turners Falls Community.
  • Historical reference to towns in Franklin County, MA via descriptive photographs.
  • Reference to industrial ventures in Franklin County, MA via descriptive photographs.
  • Various Franklin County, MA structures showing their physical condition via descriptive photographs.
  • Franklin County, MA. Towns recreate and relax. Descriptive photographs show us how.
  • Descriptive photographs interpret socially related places and things.