This composite illustration shows the Farren Memorial Hospital complex as dated. The original 1900 wing is to the right. From 1900 forward, various iterations will modify the Farren's 1900 footprint. In 1938 the physical plant 'wing', (chimney) was added. The 4-story 'wing' to the left, is the 1964 addition. In 1928 a Pediatric 'wing' is added. A kitchen/generator 'wing' is built in 1958. 1960 a cafeteria 'wing' is added. A radiological 'wing' is constructed in 1975. In 1990, 13-bed and 1995, 12-bed additions are incorporated into the 1964 Farren Care Center wing. likewise in 1990, the X-Ray facility converted to administrative office space with a contemporary maintenance workshop and office in the basement. Subsequent business decisions are to determine the fate of the complex.


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