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Feby. 19, 8 [1878] -- Friend Jones, -- Your favor of 13th at hand. We are getting alomg on orders.The mill is running quite strong but it has not been a good year to make money as last for the first six months. As up to Nov.1st we made $29000.00 --   a little more than 10 -- pc -- and I am quite confident that we shall make another 10 -- pc -- before May 1st .  And be able to make a [slight] dividend. We have already paid off the [last] [note] [?] --  ; -- <strong>John Keith Letters page 353a            </strong> -- Note: The upper-right corner of this page is “dog-eared” or missing. This would include the page number. Hence the page #353a. The very next page is numbered as it should be . . . #354. -- e.g -- . -- -- you of $25000 .00 -- out of the profits since May. We now owe nobody anything and are as you may say in fair sailing condition. I think the “Brown” scheme has gone by and that the Turners Falls Water Power Co. has bought the land. I sometimes regret that we did not buy it but on the [whole]. We are just as well off today without it. It is possible that we shall yet get the land between our mill and the bridge although we