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A Gallery of 25 Items - M.F. Tool pre 1950
Millers Falls Co. is a tool manufacturing company originally based in Millers Falls, Massachusetts. It was established in Greenfield, Massachusetts in 1868 as Gunn & Amidon by Levi J. Gunn and Charles H. Amidon. Gunn and Amidon, along with a third partner, Henry L. Pratt built a factory in the north of Greenfield. After the Greenfield factory burned down, the company was reorganized as the Millers Falls Manufacturing Co. It merged with Backus Vise Co. in 1872 to form Millers Falls Co. In 1931 Millers Falls tools purchased the majority of the shares of Goodell-Pratt tools and merged with that manufacturer in 1932. In 1962 the company was acquired by Ingersoll Rand. In 1982, Ingersoll Rand sold the Millers Falls business to the newly created Millers Falls Tool Co. The company was headquartered in Alpha, New Jersey. Since 2002 the company trademark has belonged to Hangzhou Great Star Industrial, of Hangzhou, China.
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